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Turning over a new leaf.

2009-08-25 16:31:35 by Spammerguy

Here's towards better times!

The Kitty Krew

2009-03-19 23:44:50 by Spammerguy

Well, for the most part, a lot of them were assholes who don't trust anyone, the mods were sleazy and the admins were active, but useless. That aside, there were a couple of them that made the KK seem like a good place, and I'm glad that they are more than just spammers on their own forum.
Chewy, Bmacattack, and were a couple of KK members that were friendly and showed me a couple things out. 10JD was a complete douchebag from the start, but I'm sure he's an okay person. I tried to message him to find out how things worked on the site, but I didn't get a response. Still wish I wasn't permabanned from their forum lol but hey, I'm the new Wade Fulp to them.


The Kitty Krew